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  • Completely no gas
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Ecolodge on the Veluwe

Green holidays are becoming increasingly important. Would you like to help the environment on your holiday? Then a ecolodge on the Veluwe at Berkenrhode Park is just for you. First, you're already helping by choosing to not fly for a holiday abroad. Secondly, you are choosing a sustainable holiday park with luxury ecolodges for 2 to 6 persons. Like you, we think it's extremely important to contribute to a sustainable world. That's why our holiday homes and outdoor pool run completely without gas. The lodges have their own solar panels, as well as water-saving showerheads and taps. Your ecolodge was built with sustainable products and extra good insulation. And, of course, we have charging poles for your electric car or bike!

Eco holiday in a sustainable holiday home

There are three varieties of Ecolodges on the Veluwe at Berkenrhode Park. The Bos Lodge 55 Eco has an area of 55 m² and is suitable for up to 4 persons with two bedrooms. The Bos Lodge 75 Eco is slightly larger with 75 m². This ecolodge is suitable for 6 persons and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both Bos Lodges can also be booked with a sauna and/or jacuzzi. This applies to the Wood Lodge Eco of 55 m² as well. This ecolodge on the Veluwe is suitable for 4 persons and includes air conditioning, water-saving showerheads, and heat pump with central heating, and two bedrooms. 

And we are taking yet another step towards sustainability: our group accommodation, the Boshuys, is the most energy-neutral holiday home in the Veluwe and even in all of the Netherlands. The accommodation is self-sufficient with solar panels and solar collectors and has toilets that flush with collected rainwater. The Boshuys is suitable for 20 persons and has eight bedrooms, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a disabled area.

What makes our vacation homes sustainable:

    Completely gas-free
    Built with sustainable products
    Extra well-insulated
    Solar panels and collectors
    Water-saving showerheads and faucets
    Heat pump or electric heating

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What to do in and around Berkenrhode Park?

Nowhere else can you experience such a special eco holiday as at Berkenrhode Park. Sustainable ecolodges? Check! Sustainable facilities at the park? Check! Plus, the holiday park is also close to the De Hoge Veluwe National Park. Take the most beautiful walks or bike rides, who knows, you might spot a wild boar or a deer. And do you know who really shouldn't miss this experience? Your loyal animal friend! Luckily, most ecolodges in the Veluwe allow a maximum of two pets.

You'll also find plenty of entertainment right by your ecolodge, like our nice outdoor pool which, like your ecolodge, is run completely without gas? Enjoy the sun from your lounger and take a refreshing dip in the water every now and then. A swimming pool is, of course, a must during your holiday, especially for the kids! Our entertainment team also organizes lots of fun activities for them. And while your kids are having fun, let yourself be pampered on the lovely terrace of Le Grand Café or relax in the comfort of your ecolodge. There you have it: a sustainable eco holiday at Berkenrhode Park!


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What previous guests have asked us ⤵

📆 Is it possible to book a vacation last minute?

Absolutely! Is the weather forecast suddenly favorable or do you want to escape the hectic pace of everyday life? At Park Berkenrhode you can also book a sustainable vacation last minute! Combine an oasis of tranquility and space with lots of luxury and comfort.

🐶 Is my dog welcome in the ecolodges?

Absolutely! We understand better than anyone that you prefer to take your dog on vacation! That is why a maximum of 2 dogs are allowed in most ecolodges. You and your dog will have a great time in the vicinity of Park Berkenrhode, thanks to its location near National Park de Hoge Veluwe!