Holiday Resort Ede

Holiday park near Ede

  • Holiday park at the Hoge Veluwe
  • Close to Ede (9 km)
  • Luxurious and sustainable holiday homes

Holiday park in the area of Ede

Would you like to enjoy a carefree and active stay at the Veluwe? A holiday park near Ede is the best place for it. At Park Berkenrhode, you can rent a home in the area of Ede. Our park is located at just 15 minutes by car from this pleasant town. You will find all ingredients for a successful holiday in Ede and its surroundings: great restaurants with the most delicious regional products, pleasant food festivals, beautiful routes for cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders, unique museums, and excellent shopping opportunities. A bungalow park near Ede is great for every type of holiday maker! At Park Berkenrhode, you can stay at a luxurious and sustainable holiday homes with lots of space and privacy. And all of it hidden in the vast forests of the Hoge Veluwe.


✓ Lowest price via this website
✓ No unexpected costs

Holiday home in the area of Ede

Would you like to spend a holiday at a holiday accommodation near Ede? At Park Berkenrhode, you will have a wide range of options. A sustainable ecolodge? A holiday home with private wellness? A holiday home where you dog is welcome? A holiday home suitable for guests with a disability? It is all possible at our holiday park close to Ede. Our accommodations are suitable for 2 to 20 persons, and up to 2 pets. Please do indicate this during booking.

In short:

✦Suitable for 2 to 20 persons
✦ Sustainable accommodations
✦Can be booked with wellness facilities

Our holiday park near Ede

You opt for a holiday home close to Ede because of its beautiful surroundings. The Veluwe is one of the most popular holiday destinations in The Netherlands. Still, our facilities are no joke either, and you can definitely enjoy a day of entertainment at the park. Let us spoil you at our Grand Café, or relax at the wellness at your holiday home. Will your children accompany you on holiday to Ede? If so, our outside swimming pool will definitely be to their liking!

In short:

✦ Suitable for 2 to 20 persons
✦ Playgrounds
✦ Can be booked with wellness facilities


Three tips during your holiday near Ede

#1 Discover the nature of the Hoge Veluwe
The nature around our bungalow park near Ede can only be described as breathtaking. Let the diverse landscape surprise you with its height differences, view points, and vast heath fields. Starting from your holiday home in the area of Ede, there are various cycling, mountain biking, hiking and horse riding routes.

#2 Dive into the history of the Second World War
During the Second World War, Ede played an important role during Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Around 2,000 allied paratroopers landed at the Ginkelse Heide. Many museums and events in Ede will take you back to this special period in time. An interesting thing to experience during your holiday close to Ede.

#3 Taste Ede's best regional products
Taste the Veluwe! In the area surrounding our holiday park near Ede, you will find many farms and country stores where you can buy honest products. These biological and traditional products have been made with attention for people, animals and the environment. Tip: try one of the taste cycling routesthat will take you along the greatest farm shops.