Park Berkenrhode

Wood Lodge Eco (Wellness)

Availability and Price


  1. Free WiFi
  2. Sustainable accommodation (Eco)
  3. Fireplace
  1. Air conditioning
  2. Single bed(s): 4
  1. Mosquito nets
  2. Sauna


Simply enjoying

Get to know our new type of accommodation the Wood Lodge Eco. Luxurious, spacious, durable built, stylish and completely gas-free! Suitable for four persons. Below you will find specific information about the house in 'Details' and 'Features'.

  •  Located elsewhere at the park and completely gas-free 
  •  Location can be booked with preference costs 
  •  Enclosed garden 
  •  Two bedrooms with fitted wardrobes 

  •  Comfortable box spring beds 
  •  Luxury kitchen with built-in appliances 
  •  Induction cooker, a dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator-freezer 
  •  Spacious living room with a pellet stove 
  •  One bathroom with toilet and walk-in shower 
  •  Water-saving shower head 
  •  Spacious furnished terrace with private parking space 
  •  Equipped with a heat pump including central heating 
  •  Wellness in the garden. Can be reserved as an option 

 Note: the design and color scheme of the Wood Lodge Eco you choose can vary at the inside
 from the images shown on the website. The degree of luxury and comfort, of course, is the same

  •  One bedroom with a double bed 
  •  One bedroom with two single beds 
  •  Suitable for disabled 
  •  Large windows 
  •  Pets allowed maximum of two 
  •  Airconditioning 
  •  No storage 

 * It is not allowed to smoke / gourmet / fondue in the Wood Lodge Eco.