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Spotting Wildlife

Around park: 8km

"Wild" – The Beauty And The Diversity of The Veluwe

Wild – is the title of the movie which is shown in Dutch cinemas since February 2018. "An exciting, moving and also funny family movie which shows the Veluwe in its full glory on the big screen," said the creator, Luc Enting from Ede.


Spotting Wildlife Around Park Berkenrhode

The forests around the park are populated by wildlife. The churned up earth gives away the presence of countless wild boars. Expect meeting a woodpecker, owl, rabbit or other forest dwellers. Join forester Ruud or visit the movie "Wild".

Wild – Colorful Families on The Veluwe

He worked more than two years on it. Almost every day he went with his team into the forest – waiting, waiting and waiting for that one shot. When the young foxes were born. When mother boar and her youngsters swam across a fens. Or when an adult fox was hunting boar piglets. The movie "Wild" is a true sensation!
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The Big Five of the Hoge Veluwe

Spotting wildlife in The Netherlands? You can. In our backyard. With a little patience, you can spot them all. The red deer is the largest of the five. During mating season, male deer make a roaring sound. This is called bellowing. A spectacle to witness. The Big Five are completed by the wild boar, the roe deer (correct spelling!), the badger and the fox. We challenge you. If you can spot every member of the Big Five in the flesh, we will treat you to a weekend at Park Berkenrhode.

The Big Five of the Hoge Veluwe

Hello Bison!

Go on an excursion and meet the "newest old" inhabitant of the Veluwe. The European Bison! On April 12th 2016, a small herd of bison arrived at the Veluwe. This European protected animal species has a living area of 400 hectares.

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