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The Veluwe is a Gelderland Region!

Gelderland is the ultimate hiking and cycling province of The Netherlands. Known for its nature as well as its hospitality. The four regions of Gelderland have a lot to offer! Attractive shopping cities, culinary and cultural gems and a modern offer of accommodations. On vacation in your own country! Park Berkenrhode is a partner of the Gelderland Regions.

Gelderland Regions
Gelderland Regions

Face to face with wild animals

In our backyard! Around Park Berkenrhode, you will find large, shadowy forests. Get face to face with deer, roe deer and wild boars. Feel like you're in the Sahara in the Wekerom Sand, and discover the beautiful colors of the Ginkel Heathlands in August and September. This is the nature of the Veluwe!

Enjoy the first rays of the sun while hiking or cycling, breathe in the earthy scent after a refreshing rain shower and search for tracks with Ranger Ruud. he will tell you all about the Hoge Veluwe's flora and fauna.

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