Mountain biking

Challenging routes around the park

Get on a mountain bike and explore the Veluwe. Cycle along forest paths, heathlands and sand drifts. There are challenging routes for all levels of mountain bikers around the park. The new MTB Route Ede is named one of the most beautiful and challenging routes in the Netherlands.


Waypoint Berkenrhode

There is a very extensive network of cycling routes and roads in the Netherlands. Innumerable nodes are connected to each other. It is easy to put together your own route.

Cycling junction board

You can create your own cycling route from our resort and discover the most beautiful nature reserves. One moment you will be cycling through forests and across open plains, and the next moment, you will be cycling past heathland and historic castles. You can easily cycle across the beautiful Veluwe through the cycling junctions.
Bekijk deze mooie route eens, op vind je nog meer fietsroutes en wandelroutes in Nederland, België en Duitsland
Bekijk deze mooie route eens, op vind je nog meer fietsroutes en wandelroutes in Nederland, België en Duitsland
Bekijk deze mooie route eens, op vind je nog meer fietsroutes en wandelroutes in Nederland, België en Duitsland

Eat & Cycle

The Eat & Cycle of Park Berkenrhode. Hereby you cycle a beautiful route of 36 kilometers while enjoying tasty snacks and drinks.

Start with a delicious lunch, and then start your bicycle trip across the beautiful Veluwe to the next stopping point where a delicious snack and drink are waiting for you. Then you cycle across the beautiful Mossel nature reserve where you can get a delicious, cooling ice cream, and then return to our park where you can reminisce about the route with a tasty snack platter and a drink.


Go on bicycle safari with our guide, Sander

Go on a bicycle safari with our guide, Sander! Get on your bicycle and join this fun, informative, and pleasant bicycle tour lasting +/- two hours. The tour starts from our reception and goes through beautiful nature reserves about which Sander can tell a lot! Check out our activity calendar for the exact dates. It is dependent on the weather! You are required to book in advance through our reception. 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. €10 per person, children 7-12 (on their own bicycle) €5 per person. Children in a child seat are free. Bring your own bicycle or rent a bicycle in advance through our reception.

Estate route

There are many castles, country houses and estates on the Veluwe, likewise in the South Veluwe in the vicinity of Bennekom, Ede and Lunteren. History, nature, art and culture.

Van Gogh Route

Combine your visit to the Kröller Müller Museum and the Hoge Veluwe National Park with a bike tour on the Veluwe. Try the Taste of Van Gogh along the way.

Mountain biking at the Veluwe


Mountain biking with guide Sander

Discover the Veluwe in a sporty way, supervised by Sander DE mountain bike Keijzer. Experienced mountain bike guide Sander Keijzer will be happy to show you the most beautiful spots of the Veluwe during an active trip. Hop onto your mountain bike and enjoy the amazing region of Park Berkenrhode. After a small introduction before the start of the trip, you will take on the challenge in the natural area. Ride through forests, across heath fields and along sand drifts.

Each Sunday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 (a ride on Saturday may also be possible provided there are enough registrations, from 10:00 to 12:00).

Prior registration through the reception desk is required. The meeting point is at the reception desk.

Adults: €10 per person. Children eight years of age and up (supervised by a parent): €5 per person.

Bring your own mountain bike and a bottle of water. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. You will participate in the trip at your own risk.

Do you not have a mountain bike? Inquire about the options at our reception desk.


Rinsing Spot And Rental

At the entrance of the park, a place to rinse off your MTB is being realized. Your bike will be completely clean again after a nice ride. There is a bicycle shed near the rinsing spot. You can bring your own bike to the park. It is of course also possible to rent a mountain bike. But you must let us know in advance. To do this, please contact the reception (0318 591 587). You can also visit the reception for information about routes, the area and refreshments for your trip.

MTB Routes Around The Park

Park Berkenrhode is located in the heart of the new MTB tour network of the municipality of Ede. The network consists of three routes: Ede (Red/36 km), Lunteren (Purple/32 km) and Otterlo (Blue/14 km). More than 80 kilometers of mountain bike fun in total. There is even a kids' course near Ede with a length of 4 km. The routes consist for large stretches of single tracks. Cycle past the most beautiful places in the municipality of Ede! The routes differ in accessibility and are suitable for all levels.