Children's entertainment

Plenty of children's entertainment during the holidays!

There is plenty to do for our young holiday guests at the park during various holiday periods. Dance along with the morning gymnastics, get your face painted or join the entertainment team for some arts and crafts. Free of charge, of course!

Meet Berkje, the deer of Park Berkenrhode, or watch the great theater shows of Loek and Lot!

Meeting point for all activities

For all activities you meet at the "Hangout Tent from Coen and Toet", unless stated otherwise. In case of bad weather or insufficient participation, a replacement activity is organized. Look here to see where Coen and Toet's Hangout Tent is located.

NEW at Park Berkenrhode: Berkje & the friends from the forest

Together with you Berkje and his friends from the forest we'll have the greatest adventures at Park Berkenrhode. Take a look at the life of Toet Grootvoet and Coen Fatsoen. They are searching for dragons, build huts and often get lost ..... Fortunately Berkje het Hert is always close by to help his friends! He sometimes can't do it alone this is why he gets help from Sjef de Boswachter and Mrs. Berkenboom.

Babs & Bink

Babs & Bink are the holiday freaks of Park Berkenrhode. They love holidays just like you and they think of everything to make the holidays even more entertaining! Babs & Bink waiting for you! You'll recognize them immediately!