AFM Supervision

Return on Investment

  • Safe investment
  • Select your return on investment
  • Fiscal advantage

Up to 7.5% guaranteed annual return on investment

Park Berkenrhode offers a guaranteed return on investment of up to 7.5% for 3 years fixed (or for example 6.5% for 5 years fixed). You release your home the entire year to our professional rental organization. Park contribution, energy costs, garden maintenance and minor maintenance to your home are included. You are responsible for the insurance of your home and the municipal charges. Enjoy your investment carefree!

Flexible return on investment

A mix between personal use and rental is an interesting option. You decide which periods your house is available to be rented out. Our employees do the rest. Fixed costs are (partly) for your own account. The return depends on your personal wishes.


As a private investor you have the possibility to reclaim VAT. Purchase, leasehold, inventory and additional work on the property are eligible. If you buy a holiday home and are going to rent it out, you can request a VAT number without a Chamber of Commerce obligation. The records that are needed to reclaim VAT are provided by Park Berkenrhode.

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